Fotomat - Digital Photo Software
Fotomat has closed its online photo printing and sharing service and all current accounts have been terminated. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

All Fotomat customers who have organized their photos locally on their PC through the "My Fotomat" feature with the Viewpoint or Fotomat toolbar will be able to continue to maintain their albums as before. However, all toolbar features that connect to such as ordering and sharing photos have been discontinued.

We have sincerely appreciated your patronage as a Fotomat member. We're recommending that all our Fotomat customers start transitioning their photo servicing needs to Kodak Gallery.

Best Regards,
The Fotomat Team
Kodak Gallery is committed to providing all Fotomat customers with an extremely high level of customer satisfaction. Get started today and open up a new Kodak Gallery account for uninterrupted service. If you get started now, we'll offer you 20 Free Kodak prints.